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Imagine if you could have your energy system strengthened and cleaned once a month, like in a SPA, only without having to leave the house.

Everything that weakens you and slows you down would go, you would come more into your center and your life will change positively in the long term. You strengthen your system, your resilience, old patterns no longer apply. You just feel better, you feel lighter, tidier, clearer.

Your advantages:

- Regular energy work strengthens your entire system in the long term

- You don't fall back into old patterns so quickly - I remind you about it every month ;-)

- the routine helps you not to forget your energy body

- You're becoming more mindful

You experience more "miracles", you deal more relaxed with the challenges of life, it becomes easier.

Sure, you can simply book a chakra balancing every month.

If you take the package, however, you save € 480.00 / year.

The amount is also payable in installments. Talk to me about it!

You can book * and pay for the annual package directly here, or contact me at or +436702086698 and we will discuss everything else.

I'm looking forward to our time together!


* You will receive a PDF with all further information.

Annual ChakraBalancing package

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