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Deeply grateful for every single customer and the permission to publish some votes!

I thank you for your trust in me. For embarking on a process that was alien to some of you.

I thank you for showing yourself here and for allowing me to trust and support again. Thank you for wanting to live your greatness. It's so important to this world!

Karoline Bruse

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That was my answer to Karoline Bruse's question about the harmonization of chakras 2 weeks ago, what I want at the moment. While I was lying on the sofa and Karoline in distant Austria was devoting herself to my chakras, my consciousness sank into a deep, relaxed nap.

If you are hoping for any lights or wild phenomena now, I have to disappoint you.
I once had a little pressure in my stomach and clearing my throat. Quite unspectacular.

But what Karoline told me after the treatment, I found that very extraordinary.

She mostly sees pictures during the harmonization in the respective regions and colors. I think that's awesome on its own.

But one picture touched me really deeply and still haunts me today.
As a child she saw me in a grandfather clock, like in the fairy tale with the wolf and the 7 little goats. When she told me about this picture it became very warm inside me, I felt a childlike excitement and at the same time a dull sadness.

What did this picture have to do with me and my life today?
I am a courageous woman who hopes with both feet into every situation. That's right too. But for many years there was a tank around me that separated me from the outside world like a "grandfather clock". And I could see little Andrea pulling back and locking the door again and again.

In today's consciousness I have long since put the armor off, but my body has not really realized it yet. He still saved the memories in all cells.

Karoline removed the grandfather clock from my system, some other things at the same time and I felt a lot lighter afterwards. Suitor.

The feeling has stayed too. In between there is again the wish to withdraw, which is also completely ok for me and I also allow myself. But there is no more hiding. A locked door is no longer necessary.

Today I decide of my own free will whether I want to go out into the big wide world or not.

A really great feeling and I am totally grateful to Karoline for this wonderful experience. <3

Now it's flowing again and I know that great, great things are coming my way. OK then. That's exactly how I want it.

I'm ready.
thanks <3

Andrea Holthaus

Andrea Holthaus

(...) Today I am here and can experience a harmonization of my chakras. Sure, I've done it myself with many, but Karoline radiates so much experience and I would like to learn from her.

I think this is where my tension comes from. The mind wants to be in control and learn, while the soul longs to let go.

All right, I ring the bell and Karoline welcomes me with this disarming cordiality and a voice that immediately gives calm and security. After a short conversation, I take a seat on a chair and close my eyes. Still tension, still conflict, Karoline begins.

The rational mind fights heroically for a few seconds, then I'm gone.

Away from this space, away from this state and into an inner calm that completely surrounds me. Without words and without pictures, I still always know where Karoline is, because her energy is so clear and yet very gentle, very mindful.

Images run through my head and mix with feelings. Here and there I feel a gentle touch and at one point in my back I have the feeling that it is closing a wound that I didn't know was there.

When she brings me back I need something to get to the here and now, but Karoline gives me time and water, which both helps. The debriefing is clear and it names several sensations that I had with pictures that help me to explain them.

I feel charged and at the same time in harmony with myself and the world. Some of the things that I have seen occupy me for a long time afterwards. The following night I have an inner conversation with my dead grandma and can finally settle a deeply emotional conflict peacefully.

What a gift

What have I learned now?

Everyone who works in this area has his own way that he has to find himself. You can benefit from the experience of others but you cannot copy it, because then you are no longer authentic.

From this perspective I learned a lot today ... about myself!

Thank you Karoline for the way you work with people. I am curious to see how intense the experience only becomes when we work purposefully on a topic and it leads me to a peaceful solution with its incomparable nature.

Markus Schmal - Hattingen

Markus Schmal

“I'm really excited about Karoline's work. Karoline was not only able to grasp my not really tangible problems without judgment, but was also able to effectively resolve them! The confident manner, the relaxed demeanor and the obvious ability helped me to let myself fall completely into her hands. The process itself was incredibly relaxing and the result was a 180 ° turn for me, which now benefits me. I know what I can work on, I've dissolved things and feel completely grounded! Thank you Karoline for your competent and goal-oriented work!


Celine Wahrmann

Céline Wahrmann
Stephnie G.

Stephanie G. -


So now it's been about 4 weeks since I was coaching with Karoline. I immediately felt very comfortable - and it stayed that way. The coaching was very relaxing, the insights were very exciting. I'm not a very "esoteric" person myself, but the explanations why some chakras were out of line / color, so to speak, were right to the point, although Karoline actually couldn't have known that. She cleared it up (however exactly that works) and I can say for myself that there were first signs of changes relatively quickly that are still going on. Worth it!

Elke Dola

Karoline Bruse let me benefit from a chakra treatment.
I was skeptical, had no expectations. I just wanted to know what was being done and what it was. And then that.
My biggest blockage already crystallized in the preliminary talk. My "handbrake on". Very clever questions from Karoline. Well placed and nicely building on each other. Very gently and without judgment, she led me through a process that I only really became aware of today.

She unpacked her wonderfully comfortable, mobile couch and I was allowed to lie down. Should close your eyes. A deep calm set in immediately. I hadn't felt that for a long time, really, really. To be completely in the here and now, fascinating.
Although I had closed my eyes, I could feel the points on the body over which her hands were, I literally "saw" them.

I felt it so clearly, as if she was creating order in my "system", almost clearing it out. None of that said anything to me, but the feeling was so soft and beautiful.

Half an hour that felt like 5 minutes. I didn't want it to end at all.
When I opened my eyes I felt somehow refreshed, wide awake and tidy.

When she began to explain to me what she had found and where, the first tears flowed. Precision landing.
A bisken spooky, because she couldn't know a lot. She grabbed the roots of "bad" and explained to me why this was so and the best part: I don't have to do anything now. Just let it work.

Well, just one day later I opened my mouth for the first time, where I usually remain silent or flee. Today again. A great feeling.
My throat chakra was probably particularly affected. Sure, I swallow the words that I didn't dare to say. I have chronic tonsillitis, laryngitis and irritation of the vocal cords, which make it completely impossible for me to speak.

So I spoke and what happened?
One just agreed. The other has explained. Incomprehensible. It can be so easy?

Do you have a couple of elephants in the room? Which you cannot grasp, which you don’t know exactly how to keep you from being successful?

Do you keep falling into ancient patterns that annoy you?

The solution is called Karoline Bruse.

Elke Dola

Melanie H.

Melanie H. -


"Since the harmonization I feel a lot more energetic, I am no longer so tired and feel 'tidy'. I decided to go looking for a job and so far I had no idea what, where, or at all.

A line is slowly developing for the job search ... an area that has been slumbering so far. Let's see what it will be and where it will go. And the third is that I am doing things with myself again with energy, without complaining about 'just' with me. Maybe a lot more will happen.

I'm curious and say thank you again! "

Helga Stein

I went to Karoline Bruse when I had a creative block. I suspected it had something to do with my childhood because of my thoughts   circled around it. The encounter with Karoline was immediately trusting and she radiated an incredible calm and sovereignty. During the treatment, I received pictures of events from my childhood / school days, which Karoline later confirmed and interpreted in the subsequent conversation. I don't know exactly how she did it, but afterwards I felt liberated and felt the self-determined, grown-up Helga again. My creative flow of painting was back - free of obstructive thoughts. A gift for every artist.

Helga Stein


Narayani Free


Chakra harmonization or a liberating and clearing “dream journey” with Karoline Bruse😊.

About a month ago I read on Facebook that dear Karoline offers chakra harmonization.
Immediately I responded, and my wise soul told me: book. Felt done.
Two days later, “the journey” started.
First a quick phone call.

My main subject was my throat chakra. In the last few weeks I have had severe swallowing difficulties and every now and then my voice is completely or partially gone.

My throat chakra has been showing blockages and pain for many years.
Sometimes they are gone, then they come back.

After my brief description, we ended the conversation and I lay down relaxed.
Karoline started her wonderful “work” in distant Austria.

I could always feel exactly which chakra she was devoting herself to. At the beginning of the session I was pretty cold. After a short time a warm light flowed through my whole body.
I felt lovingly protected and held.
In addition, I could suddenly feel my feet, or my connection with mother earth, very well again.

My back pain was swept away after the harmonization. Wow so many presents ...
And that's not all!


The best thing of all was that Karoline had very clear pictures and messages for me, some of which I already knew or which confirmed my premonitions.

Several important pieces of the puzzle have come together for me.

Karoline gave me important keys and simple tools for my life.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Karoline's work to you!
She is mindful, loving and very competent.
Her whole heart and soul flows into her work.

I will definitely book them again and recommend them to others.

You are wonderful, dear Karoline 💝!

Gabriele M. Hochwarter

"I'm really really fine again. I'm connected again, I'm back with myself and that feels really good.

Thank you so much for your great and great work! "


Susanne Große-Venhaus

"Fear. Where does it come from. I don't know. Suddenly it is there. And then again and again.

It is almost as if it were not something that frightened me rightly or wrongly, it is more as if fear sat within me, great and powerful, lurking ...

What is she lurking for? I don't really know, I just know that she makes me lie awake every night and causes an incredible commotion ... Yes, there is something on the outside that gives me a reason for my fear. First it is a special trip. Then it's stress in the relationship. Then a professional project.

My circles of thought get caught up in the respective "problems" (believe me, there were significantly more than those mentioned). It seems as if the fear that sits in me for no reason, so to speak, is constantly finding a new reason. And then my mind seems satisfied, because with Problem X I have every reason to be afraid. I am looking for solution mechanisms. I am dramatizing. Sometimes the problem goes away. Fear doesn't bother that much, it immediately finds problem Y, which also has a red or at least orange alert.

During this time I turn to Karoline Bruse , I have already done a chakra harmonization with her and found it very powerful. We meet at Zoom, somehow we both feel that this will probably not be fixed with another chakra session. We agree on long-term support for four weeks. During these four weeks Karoline will connect energetically with me for about 10 minutes every day. I don't know when she will do that, I live and just continue to panic as normal.

It's an experiment for both of us. Karoline has a lot of experience with energy and chakra work, only in this setting she has not yet done it.
I am a coach myself, have many tools that I can support myself and use at any time and a bit of skepticism in such intangible "hocus-pocus" work.

How good that Karoline has no hocus-pocus on her at all. I experience her as professional and at the same time warm-hearted and clear. I trust her and my impulse to turn to her.

The first aha moment comes after a few days. I have a phone call with my current fear subject and am amazed at how powerfully I stand up for myself and my wishes. I tell Karoline about it and she tells me that she connected to me at so and so o'clock and sent me a lot of strength. That was exactly during the call. Wow!

Karoline and I are sporadically in contact via Messenger for the entire four weeks. Sometimes when a new problem arises or an old hurdle that I believed to have been overcome suddenly seems to be bigger than ever before, I ask you for support. Sometimes she harmonizes the chakras, sometimes she builds an energetic force field around me, sometimes she goes on a shamanic journey, sometimes a power animal appears. She tells me about the images that come to her and I see if and how they resonate in me.

For example, there is always this inexplicable fear of being alone, of not belonging, which has actually been with me all my life. Karoline sees a woman sitting in the street in rags and being treated like a leper. Karoline hears the word "single". Can I do anything with that? She asks me? I can. My father (born in 1913) was illegitimate and later exposed to Nazi persecution.

Then there are also funny and powerful images. Like the little man in my head, whom Karoline met when I harmonized my chakras for the very first time and who was really busy writing all the time. He calls out to Karoline that he has no time, he has to write everything down so that he doesn't miss anything. She negotiates with him to trust more and just do nothing.

Towards the end of our four weeks I suddenly feel an irrepressible desire to write in me. I've been through a lot and now it's ripe to be written down. Since I have already forgotten the picture at the time and don't see any connection with my current fears, I don't tell Karoline anything about it. The next time she told me, unsuspectingly, she had met the little man again, he sat like a little Buddha between mountains of books and told her that he was finished now, that he had everything together. ... magical!

The fear escapes from my system so slowly, barely noticeably. My old thinking is still jumping on the problems. Karoline says that's normal. That would be the power of habit. It is now important to stay on the ball with the newly gained trust. Sometimes I lie awake at night. I'm still good at brooding. But the feeling of being at the mercy of an overwhelming existential fear is gone. On the contrary, I feel a deep calm lake in me, there is still a slight ripple on its surface, sometimes a whipped wave, but no comparison to the tsunamis that knocked me down before.

In return, I now and then receive baseless joy tsunamis and an irrepressible longing for myself.

Now I can even be with the fear when it reappears. A bit like when I'm annoyed by an old friend whose love I never doubt. I feel that the fear is there, but I don't believe it anymore. And with that I can consciously go into feeling. And then it flows through me and dissolves again.

She has lost her power over me.


Thank you dear Karoline for your wonderful company. I felt like we were going for a walk in the woods together. We look in the same direction, walk part of the way at eye level with one another. See the beauty of nature and life. I go my way alone and yet you are with me, take my hand when I need it, gently support me with warmth of the heart, empathy and an incredible presence. "

Susanne G-V
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