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Here you will find the ethics and responsibility of the human energetic.

The three-level model represents the work and sphere of activity of the human energetic practitioners in a transparent and comprehensible manner. This model was developed by the “Federal Professional Group of Human Energy practitioners”.

The basis for the success of our work as human energetic practitioners is the trust of our clients. Because only if they feel professionally looked after and in good hands with us, our help in achieving physical and energetic balance can really be accepted. In addition to methodical competence, it is very important that we can explain WHO, WHAT and HOW in a way that is understandable for everyone. This also underlines our professionalism.

Every living being exists in the energetic world view
and every system not only materially - i.e. physically -,
but also in the subtle (non-material) area.
We human energetics mostly work on the
subtle level.

  1. The first level of the energetic world view is the level on which all principles and blueprints are located. Everything that exists in the material must be laid out on this level as a principle and blueprint. For humans, this would represent the “Individual Higher Self (IHS)”: This includes, for example, the individual potentials, abilities and talents of every single person and thus forms a basis for a possible calling or profession.

  2. The energetic or subtle level includes all energies and information that surround or penetrate us. We differentiate between the information level and the condensed information level. The latter includes the level of the chakras, meridians, the aura, the Qi, etc. And it is precisely in these areas that we human energetics can support people with our commercial methods according to the catalog of methods to release energy blockages and to bring themselves back into balance. At this level, our working methods do not target the material organic heart, for example, but rather the “subtle heart” such as the heart chakra, heart meridian, the transition phase fire, and much more.

  3. The material level is the densest form of the appearance of living beings and corresponds to our "everyday reality" like our material body. The treatments at this level are largely reserved for other professional groups. A cooperation with doctors, physiotherapists and psychotherapists, life and social counselors, masseurs etc. is not only sensible - but also desirable in the sense of a holistic approach.

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