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Welcome Beautiful Lady! 

My name is Karoline Bruse and my life changed massively when I realized that we are more than just body and mind. By consciously working with my chakras and my whole energy system I became more content, clearer and came into self-love.

Today I can say: My life is great! 

And of course there are the moments that are challenging and exhausting. But today I can adequately respond to them with my natural energy. Accepting what is and taking back the power over my life is easy for me.


Own Your Energy and You Own Your Life! 



Journey to Your Heart Chakra

Today I gift you a journey into your heart chakra to more self-compassion, self-love and fulfilling partnership. 

My mediations work best if you listen to them regularly for at least a week, preferably 14 days. 

You need about 15 minutes of time. 

Selflove and Compassion
Kalter Tag am Strand
Frau mit Kracher

When you feel drawn...

If you feel attracted to my work, you can find more about my offerings here.


And don't forget:


Own Your Energy and You own Your Life! 

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