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"I to myself" -

The 21-day journey back into my life.

Phew, the last time your life was really exhausting. Again and again you have reached your inner limits,

walked in front of walls or just kept still.

You don't really know where you stand, what you want and who you are right now?

You feel that there is more in you, but you can't dig the treasure on your own?

You have certainly "worked" a lot on yourself and done a lot on personal development. All of this has brought you further, but you haven't really arrived at your place yet.

Blocking patterns, inexplicable behaviors or hurdles that keep popping up -

Your path is sometimes really rocky and arduous. You know how to do it!

And deep down you also know that it is no longer about "getting better" and "changing".

It is about you. Everything is already there. However, totally buried and hidden under recent events.

But now it's over! Now is your time!

You can finally go out into the world again!



It is time for:

Chakra up Your Life!

Since I got to know the chakra teaching eight years ago , I have gone through great processes of change.

I have stripped myself from a self-confident but internally very doubtful and insecure woman to a woman who is in her midst, knows her shadows, sometimes doubts but never completely despaired, who believes in herself and shows herself.

I went the way from unfulfilled money-making into a fulfilling independence.

Actually, the energy work only peeled off what was always deep inside of me.

I developed strengths, let go of painful things and made peace.

My life now belongs entirely to me. I allow myself to be myself.

That released a lot of strength and creativity in me . My life has become easy. I no longer take difficulties personally.

Are you ready to get out of your suffering?

Do you want

In this program I will accompany you intensively for three weeks.

You get to your hindrances and fears and we dissolve them energetically.

You get what wants to come into this world through you.

You can rediscover yourself and instead of being chased by the events, you start to live your life .

I will give you the space for it. I am by your side every day. Energetically.


You start to show who you really are.

You dare, because you can now name your fears concretely and they lose power.

You gain self-confidence and accept what you call "weaknesses".

You even manage to discover the gift in them.


You recognize how everything that is in you serves you.
In these three weeks you will become more and more of who you are.
You recognize your size with ease and joy.

Everything becomes easier because you are now looking at the world from different angles. You take fewer things personally, trust in yourself and life and recognize that you decide how you want to live.

You get more and more into your strength!

How do we work together in the 21 days?

- We meet online a total of five times. I work   energetically with you, we travel together in

Your unconscious worlds and / or reflect what is currently on.

- You will receive regular input by email

- You get your personal meditation

- You get access to my webinar series "The seven colors of your life" (worth € 99.00)

I am absolutely convinced that this is a deep transformation.

Powerful, peaceful and life changing.

An adventure trip.

Where? To you. To more vitality and self-empowerment.

I'm happy for you!

Best regards

Karoline Bruse

Chakra up Your Life!


How? Via remote session and (video) call and regular exchange via e-mail

Price: € 998.00

Payment in installments possible by arrangement.

There is a money-back guarantee for new customers if you don't like my work by the 7th day of cooperation.

Limited number of places / month


Deeply grateful for these customer voices:

"You took me to a whole new level of self-awareness" (Sabine.S., Berlin)

"I feel charged and at the same time in harmony with myself and the world." (Markus Schmal, Hattingen)

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Karoline's work to you! She is attentive, loving and very competent. Her whole heart and soul flows into her work."

(Narayani Frei, Allgäu)

"I'm really doing really well again. I'm connected with myself again, I'm back with myself and that feels really good. Thank you very much for your great and great work! " Gabriele M. Hochwarter

"What made me book you is that you have this down-to-earth ease. That you 'bring down' esoteric topics and make them seem so natural. That you make difficult topics easy and at the same time deal with them very respectfully."

(Ilka Sventja Jörg)

"Thank you dear Karoline for your wonderful company. I felt as if we were going for a walk in the forest together. We look in the same direction, walk part of the way at eye level with each other. See the beauty of nature and life. I go my way alone and yet you are with me, take my hand when I need it, gently support me with warmth of the heart, empathy and an unbelievable presence. "

(Susanne Große-Venhaus, Düsseldorf)


"The core of my being lies in front of me and the change was so dizzying at the beginning that I was afraid that I would not be able to handle it and that I would get back into old waters for protection. I felt that something decisive had changed and I wanted to hold onto it . (...)

I am amazed to watch my self-confident energy that has been released and that finds expression in me, especially in painting - like never before. I am still deeply impressed and above all grateful. ♥ ️ "Antonia Klein-Nikolaidis

Karoline Bruse about herself :

After a few years of selflessness and a very exhausting relationship

I came across her co-dependent eight years ago through a friend

Chakra teaching. The teacher's child in me rebelled, and the curious one, earlier

Child playing with energies was delighted.

The method in which every wrong color in the chakra stands for the blockage was for me

so logical and plausible that even the teacher's child will at some point resist

gave up.

And then there was room for miracles.

Suddenly I understood why I was what I was. I recognized patterns and allowed myself

really loving for the first time. Me, my parents, my life.

Could it be that "easy"? Could by changing the energetic vibration

in the chakra my life will change over time?

Yes. It was that easy. The change of energy and new choices made it

light. Energy follows attention. Always. Do I want to go into drama or do I want to

Peace? Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy? Do I want to blame or them

Discover resources? Repel or accept what is?

I still have some fears. But now they have got a place.

You have no more power over me. Others were flipped:

I no longer see my life through the filter of fear, but through the filter

of trust. (I would never have left my beloved Ruhr area and on

let in the adventure of Austria. Without a permanent customer base and friendships on site)

I rarely speak through the filter of control, it is almost always inside

like outside. I say what I think, what I feel, what is my truth.

I no longer show myself through the filter of harmony, adjusted, always on

Mindfulness of balance and harmony. I set boundaries and respect those of others.
I live my freedom. I demand what is due to me. (Do you know that? You have someone

Borrowed money and not get it back. But instead of going for you guys and getting it

to demand appreciative, you are silent. The harmony could be endangered.

Green instead of yellow in the third chakra)

My personal development started early and is still going on.

It's gotten easier. Much easier, with less pain, curiosity instead of fear

and a very healthy dose of humor.

Thank you for this opportunity, dear life!

Thank you for Chakra up Your Life!

Karoline Bruse as facts:

Born in 1976. More than 1,000 coachings, chakra teaching and energy work

Roswitha Raupach and Martin Brofman; spiritual life coach; systemic coach

(German Society for Coaching), trained by Sabine Asgodom in the LOKC®;

NLP Practitioner (DVNLP).

From difficult partnerships to the best relationship of my life.

From the bore-out to a fulfilling professional life. From the shadows into the light.

Karoline Bruse. Blumenweg 27/6. 4202 Hellmonsödt. Austria. +436702086698. info (at)
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