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So, now it's the last video for you! Thanks for sticking with it! The meditation starts at 27:02.

Here is your meditation on the crown chakra. Also for download


Weekly impulse: Try to pay particular attention to the moments in which you have authority over your life and in which you do not. The point is not to forcefully change this directly. Developing awareness of this is the first step.

Thanks for your trust! I hope that I could inspire you for the world of chakras! If you now have the feeling that you would like to go deeper, or if I should take a look at your chakras in relation to a certain topic, then please contact me. Or browse my shop a little. The meditations that you will find there are a bit different than those from the video series


Of course, I would be very happy to receive your feedback on this course at, with a hint as to whether I can publish it or not. Much love to you!

Best regards

Karoline Bruse

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