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Do you miss lightness in your life? Would you like to be more in the flow and be able to receive the gifts of life?

This throat chakra meditation supports you in flooding your throat chakra with life force, so that the life themes are strengthened. Self-healing powers can be stimulated.

Do this throat chakra meditation regularly and you will soon notice changes.

Time required: approx. 20 minutes

An audio sample is available here >>

If you like the chakra meditations so much that you would like to recommend them to others, I would of course be very happy! Also about a little feedback that I could use.

I put a lot of heart and a lot of work into the production of the chakra meditations.

I therefore ask you to appreciate this and not to forward the music files to third parties.

As this is a digital product and the first lesson is available immediately after the download, the following rules on the right of withdrawal apply:

"I hereby expressly agree that the fulfillment of the contract will begin before the expiry of the otherwise existing withdrawal period (withdrawal period).

I acknowledge that I have my right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal) in the event that the contract performance begins early (before the otherwise existing withdrawal period / withdrawal period has expired) - after provision of a copy or confirmation of the concluded contract on a permanent data carrier including the above declaration of consent and declaration of acknowledgment from the loss of the right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal) including the legal information (Section 4 (1) FAGG), unless this has already been made available beforehand on a permanent data carrier - lose. "

Thank you very much for your understanding!

5.German only!!! I invite abundance into my life - throat chakra meditation

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