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These chakra meditations get your whole energy body going!

And you can change your life.

Meditations have been used for millennia to calm down, relax or bring yourself to a higher frequency.

These chakra meditations will help you achieve all three. You harmonize the respective chakra, clear your energies and bring fresh, new life force into your system. This can change a lot in your life in a positive way.

And the nice thing about it is: You don't have to do a lot! You need a maximum of twenty minutes a day to do well with these chakra meditations. And it is not important that you take a certain position or always do it at the same time. It is important that they give you joy and that you open yourself to everything positive that may come to you.

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Chakra up Your Life! Chakra Meditations Vol.1

1. I strengthen my trust - root chakra mediation

2. The ocean of feelings - sacral chakra meditation

3. The Fire of Decision - Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

4. I open myself to love - heart chakra meditation

5. I invite abundance into my life - throat chakra meditation

6. I strengthen my intuition - third eye meditation

7. I know my way - crown chakra meditation


- for a maximum of 20 minutes

- also work when you fall asleep

- You can sit or lie down, whichever suits you best

- the music, my voice frequency, the words: everything affects your energy system

- Your mind doesn't need to grasp this

- there is nothing special for you to do other than allow positive change

I am very happy about these voices for my meditations:

»I love your meditations! I've been listening to them regularly for 3 weeks now and I'm so relaxed, especially when it comes to my business. It is very easy for me to recognize what no longer fits and to part with it «Andrea Schäuble -

»Karoline Bruse is a colleague whom I value deeply, to whom I like to entrust myself energetically and to whom I can wholeheartedly recommend! I know her from individual work as well as from the course and through her meditations. Karoline has an incredible depth of heart and competence. This can also be felt in her meditations. They are like subtle showers that I treat myself to regularly to clear, straighten and strengthen myself energetically «

Nina Lux -

"Top! Great voice - nice music. Really good! ”Ellen Lutum -

"Mega great. I just tried the root chakra meditation. Really great and clean energy (which I think is an exception rather than a rule in the energetic scene)"

Katrin Semm -


Karoline Bruse - Blumenweg 27/6 - 4202 Hellmonsödt - Austria Bruse (at)

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