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Welcome to day 5!

Done! You have dealt with yourself a lot in the last five days and, above all, have tuned your energy system over and over again. Excellent! Do you feel like "Music on, kitchen dance!"?

Or living room dance, bedroom dance, bathroom dance, no matter where you dance.

Celebrate today. And if you don’t like to dance, do something else that expresses "celebrate" for you!

(At this point, however, I strongly advise against excessive alcohol consumption!)

Please answer these questions for yourself:

On a scale from 1-10 (1 = very little 10 = very much)

How well can you set yourself apart?

How much do you feel like you are living your life?

How often do you praise yourself?

How often are you ungracious to yourself?

How well can you take responsibility for your life?

How often do you feel powerless?

Now compare your answers with those at the beginning of the course.

Thanks for your trust! I hope that I could inspire you for the world of chakras! If you now have the feeling that you would like to go deeper, or if I should take a look at your chakras in relation to a certain topic, then please contact me. Or browse my shop a little.

Of course, I would be very happy to receive your feedback on this course at, with a hint as to whether I can publish it or not. Much love to you!

Best regards

Karoline Bruse

PS: Do you think about your meditation?

Your bonus

And here are two extra videos in which I explain the meaning of the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra >>

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