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Welcome to your online course "Come to your center!". You will get an email from me every day with a link to the next lesson. Of course, you can watch the other lessons over and over again. Here is your first video:

1. Please answer these questions for yourself and write them in a place where you can find them again at the end of the course:

On a scale from 1-10 (1 = very little 10 = very much)

How well can you set yourself apart?

How much do you feel like you are living your life?

How often do you praise yourself?

How often are you ungracious to yourself?

How well can you take responsibility for your life?

How often do you feel powerless?

This meditation is for you. It helps you to ground yourself daily and to connect with you. It's best to do them daily. You are also welcome to download it

Komm in deine Mitte

I wish you a good arrival at your place: Karoline Bruse - companion in your powerful being

Your bonus:

And here are two extra videos in which I focus on the meaning of the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra enter >>

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