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Chakra up your business!

The mentoring program


Are you fed up with all the marketing strategies and good tips that should lead you into a successful business?

You have implemented everything, worked hard and are now a real professional in a field that you were not really interested in before?

And yet things are hardly going any better than before? Is it tough and you lose interest?

Or are you just starting your own business and want to do it differently from the start?

There is no such thing as ONE strategy that applies to everyone!

"Chakra up Your Business!" Is about you. You as a whole person, not just about the entrepreneur.

I will accompany you for at least three months and connect you energetically with what defines you!

Old patterns and unconscious fears are integrated. They no longer have any power over you and hinder your flow.

All your strengths and talents, your positive energy and strength will be boosted. Your field will be strengthened.

You become a magnet and attract things that fit you and are consistent.

Imagine that you really only live what corresponds to you?

Imagine if you could finally feel your business again?

Imagine getting an energy shift that lifts you to a completely different level?

I connect you. So that every strategy is really yours.

So that your offer really resonates for you.

So that you have joy in sending it out, you have joy in being visible.

So that you don't do anything that doesn't feel good and that you follow your impulses. Your impulses come from your higher self. They show you your way when the understanding wants to know better again.

Imagine if you could run your business in a relaxed manner.

Imagine customers coming to you with joy.

Without you having to pull on them.

I'll show you what intuitive marketing means. When is the time to sow and when is the time to let it grow? Dedication is a key to happiness.

I love that. So much.

And I do not promise you that you will get 6 digits within a short period of time. And I don't promise you either that there is nothing for you to do.

But you will be fulfilled. Everything becomes easier. You are happy. More relaxed. You serve your customers. You are you!

You are your business! And then there will be more money.

Everything is related. Nothing stays on one level. You will develop.

Your essence comes to light and you live what you are.

You get:

- Me as a mentor with all my knowledge, my subtle matter,

my presence, my love, my passion, my high frequency and joy

- Four hours 1: 1 per month with me. As a single session of 60 minutes, divided into four sessions,

2x2 hours, 1x4 hours ...

Every month we look individually what suits you best

- The "Chakra up Your Life!" Deck of cards

- A personal meditation spoken just for you

Anker 1

This is what you pay for your mentoring with me:

net for 3 months

net for 6 months


Karoline Bruse - Blumenweg 27/6 - 4202 Hellmonsödt - Austria - +43 670 208 66 98 - info (at)

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