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Ich unterstütze Dich dabei, mehr leichtigkeit und Freude in Dein leben zu Holen (2200 × 10

Welcome to Chakra up Your Life! 

As a coach, mentor and spiritual life coach, I will accompany you on your way to more connectedness, 

Lightness and fulfillment in life and in business.​​

I'm happy for you!

Best regards

​​Karoline Bruse 

Chakra up Your Life! 


1:1 sessions

Here you will find my offers for coaching, mentoring and chakra balancing


Chakra Meditations

Here are my chakra meditations

can help you regain your strength


Do you tell yourself stories every day about what you did wrong, what you can do better, where you should have been braver and feel a lot less in your power than you could be?
Are there always those voices in you that tell you that you can do much more than you show?

hereit goes to "You are love. A journey to more courage, relaxation and inner happiness."


My online course

Kopie von What They Say Testimonial Instagram Story (Instagram-Beitrag (Quadratisch)) (285

I am very happy about every person I can help with my work.

And this testimonial makes me very proud:

Marie Diamond is a Feng Shui Master, star of The Secret, Mindvalley and Younity Master Teacher, has helped big names like Vishen Lakhiani, Jack Canfield, John Gray and the late Bob Proctor push the limits of their business break through

She has been able to see someone's energies and aura since she was little and "knows" instantly without asking questions.

And I briefly asked myself:

Who am I that I can help this woman?

And then I managed to put my ego aside and just did it.

Thank you Marie Diamond for your trust and your great words!

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